Stefan Kniefs (TBZ): Experiences with project-based learning in German vocational schools (part 1)

Stefan Kniefs is a teacher at the vocational school centre TBZ Mitte in Bremen. In the three videos he tells how project-based learning is organised in German vocational schools. In the first video recorded in English he focuses on the role of project-based learning in dual system of apprentice training. (In the German language section there is a parallel version of the interview recorded in German.)

Stefan gives an example of an apprentices” project in electric engineering. He tells about the role of school teachers in preparing the launch of the projects and of the apprentices” self-organised learning during the projects. He also draws attention to the cooperation between school-based learning (preparation of projects) and workplace learning (completing learning and working tasks in companies). Then, he tells how the results are presented and how the teachers and company online slots representatives give feedback. Finally, he tells why such project work has been limited to the first year of apprentice training.

To be continued ..

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