Stefan Kniefs (TBZ): Experiences with project-based learning in German vocational schools (part 3)

Stefan Kniefs – teacher at the vocational school centre TBZ Mitte in Bremen – discusses project-based learning in German vocational schools. In the third video (in English) he focuses on the role of new curricula in German vocational education and training (VET) – based on the Lernfeld (learning arena) approach. (In the German language section there is a parallel version of the interview recorded in German.)

Stefan starts by telling how the new curricula have been brought in via transition plans (Stoffverteilungspläne). Then he tells of alternative ways to use the Lernfelder (learning arenas). Most teachers tend to use them as basis for individual teaching. Parallel to this some teachers work as teams and use the Lernfelder as basis for joining forces. He draws attention to the importance of real working life as frame of reference. In this way the Lernfeld approach puts an emphasis on the mastering of whole work processes. However, as a contrast to this, the nation-wide final examinations tend to put emphasis on detailed subject knowledge. This tension is considered as a challenge for teachers and learners.

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