Joanna Burchert and Sven Schulte: Experiences with the expertAzubi project: platform for apprentices (part 3)

Joanna Burchert and Sven Schulte ( ITB) discuss the German project expertAzubi and the development of an interactive learning platform for apprentices. In the third video (in English) they focus on the next steps with the project and on lessons that they have learned during the project. (In the German language section there is a parallel version of the interview recorded with Joanna Burchert in German.)

Sven points out that the project has to get more users and to develop the functionality of the platform (e.g. by developing a portfolio concept) and make the platform support reflective learning. Joanna emphasises the importance of trans-national knowledge sharing between researchers and developers (learning from each other). At the same time she stresses the need to keep the platform on regional grounds (vocational knowledge as local knowledge). They both emphasise the need to use the platform as support for reflection – making thoughts of one”s own work and learning. Finally, as an interesting finding they emphasise that a good platform has to provide free spaces (even if they are used for nonsense chatting) because such free spaces are part of community development.

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