Ludger Deitmer (ITB): Experiences with innovation programmes, international transfer projects and regional VET dialogue (part 1)

Ludger Deitmer (International Research Coordinator at ITB) has a long experience with monitoring and supporting innovation programmes, pilot initiatives and international knowledge transfer projects in the field of vocational education and training (VET). In the four videos (in English) he firstly examines the experiences with earlier regional initiatives in Bremen and nation-wide programmes in Germany. Then he discusses newer international knowledge transfer projects and draws attention to regional VET dialogue and the use of tools and instruments. In the first video he focuses on the regional programme Work and Technology that was carried out in Bremen 1990-1996.

The regional programme Work and Technology was primarily an innovation programme to support introduction of new technologies and new production concepts in enterprises. However, the key idea was to promote innovations based on the participation of the workforce and with emphasis on promoting their competences. Also, a major feature of the programme was to involve different sectors and in particular SMEs and to create new infrastructures to support innovative developments. In this context Ludger presents several examples of sectoral projects in which VET provisions were directly involved (via initial and/or continuing training). In this way Ludger sets the important issue “cooperation across learning venues” to a wider context than day-to-day cooperation between vocational school and partner enterprise.

To be continued …

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