Ludger Deitmer (ITB): Experiences with innovation programmes, international transfer projects and regional VET dialogue (part 3)

Ludger Deitmer (International Research Coordinator at ITB) has a long experience with monitoring and supporting innovation programmes, pilot initiatives and international knowledge transfer projects in the field of vocational education and training (VET). In the four videos (in English) he firstly examines the experiences with earlier regional initiatives in Bremen and nation-wide programmes in Germany. Then he discusses newer international knowledge transfer projects and draws attention to regional VET dialogue and the use of tools and instruments. In the third video he focuses on the issue “cooperation across learning venues” in the context of two international cooperation projects (with Malaysia and China).

Ludger firstly draws attention to the reform programme of the Malaysian government “New dual training system” and the accompanying measures to promote readiness for cooperation in vocational schools and colleges and in partner enterprises. In this context he tells of the joint PhD programme of the University of Bremen (managed by ITB) and the Malaysian partner university UTHM. One of the PhD projects of this programme, the study of Ramli Rashidi, focused on the cooperation across learning venues and involved different methods (questionnaires, interviews, participative workshops) to evaluate the cooperation and its impact. Ludger then tells of an umbrella project between ITB and the Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences (and its Institute for Vocational and Adult education) to enhance the quality of VET in the Beijing region. One of the main projects was the initiative to promote self-organised quality development measures in vocational schools. In this context the researchers from ITB (Ludger and Joanna Burchert) composed a handbook based on similar projects in the Bremen region (the REBIZ projects) and organised participative workshops to support the quality awareness of vocational teachers. In this context also the issue “cooperation across learning venues” played a major role. To be continued …

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