<!–:es–>Ludger Deitmer (ITB): Experiencias con programas de innovación, proyectos internacionales de transferencia y diálogo regional en FP (parte 4)<!–:–><!–:en–>Ludger Deitmer (ITB): Experiences with innovation programmes, international transfer projects and regional VET dialogue (part 4)<!–:–><!–:eu–>Ludger Deitmer (ITB): Experiencias con programas de innovación, proyectos internacionales de transferencia y diálogo regional en FP (parte 4)<!–:–><!–:hu–>Ludger Deitmer (ITB intézet): Innovációs programok, nemzetközi transzfer projektek és regionális VET-párbeszéd során szerzett tapasztalatok (4. rész)<!–:–><!–:de–>Ludger Deitmer (ITB): Erfahrungen mit Innovationsprogramme, internationale Transferprojekte und regionale Berufsbildungsdialog (Teil 4)<!–:–>

Ludger Deitmer (International Research Coordinator at ITB) has a long experience with monitoring and supporting innovation programmes, pilot initiatives and international knowledge transfer projects in the field of vocational education and training (VET). In the four videos (in English) he firstly examines the experiences with earlier regional initiatives in Bremen and nation-wide programmes in Germany. Then he discusses newer international knowledge transfer projects and draws attention to regional VET dialogue and the use of tools and instruments. In the fourth video he shifts the emphasis from particular projects to the idea of regional VET dialogue and how it can be supported with major events or by using evaluation tools and support instruments as part of regular cooperation practice.

In the concluding discussion Ludger highlights the idea of “regional VET dialogue” between casino pa natet vocational schools, colleges and partner enterprises. He draws attention to a major dialogue event that was organised in Bremen several years ago with the intention to cover all main occupational sectors in the region. Based on this event, regular small-scale cooperation has continued with self-evaluation and with discussion on new challenges. This has also paved the way for the use of research-based tools and instruments (such as participative evaluation workshops and tools for assessing the quality, productivity and costs of VET).

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