What all is there to be found in the Virtual Community?

This is the Virtual Community section of the Coop-PBL in VET project website. This section has been populated by blog postings of the members (national partners) of the project. At the moment we have the following kinds of blog entries available:

  • A series of video interviews produced by Pekka Kamarainen (ITB) – altogether 16 videos in English (on different topics relevant for the project). The introductory blog articles are available as English, German, Hungarian and Mega Fortune Spanish language versions.
  • A series of reports on the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER 12) that took place in Cadiz, Spain in September 2012. Altogether there are six blog articles on the VETNET network programme in the conference including presentations of German, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch and Swedish presenters. These blog articles are only available in English.
  • Topical blog articles. Among these you will find an introduction to the KPE software environment that was used in some pilot activities during the project. (Tutorial videos and further video material on KPE is available on the Vimeo page of the project.) You will also find several articles that present the ideas of problem- and project-based learning (and how they work in practice).
  • Brief reports on the project meetings (hosted by the national partners) and of attached field visits and dissemination events.

Please have a closer look! What do you find interesting in the Virtual Community?

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