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What all is there to be found in the Virtual Community?

This is the Virtual Community section of the Coop-PBL in VET project website. This section has been populated by blog postings of the members (national partners) of the project. At the moment we have the following kinds of blog entries available: A series of video interviews produced by Pekka Kamarainen (ITB) – altogether 16 videos […]

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How is the Virtual Community linked to the work of the project Coop-PBL in VET?

After the brief overview on the contents of the Virtual Community section it is worthwhile to pose the following questions: How are the contents of the Virtual Community related to the work and to the results of the project Coop-PBL in VET? How can they help to bring the key conclusions of the project forward? […]

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Stefan Kniefs (TBZ): Experiences with project-based learning in German vocational schools (part 1)

Stefan Kniefs is a teacher at the vocational school centre TBZ Mitte in Bremen. In the three videos he tells how project-based learning is organised in German vocational schools. In the first video recorded in English he focuses on the role of project-based learning in dual system of apprentice training. (In the German language section there […]

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