Joanna Burchert and Sven Schulte: Experiences with the expertAzubi project: platform for apprentices (part 1)

Joanna Burchert and Sven Schulte (researchers from ITB) discuss the German project expertAzubi – development of an interactive platform for apprentices in Bremen region. In the first video (in English) they focus on the project idea, on the benefits for users and on the participative development process. (In the German language section there is a parallel version of the interview recorded with Joanna Burchert in German.)

Sven and Joanna tell about the aims of this regional cooperation project and why it was important to create a platform for apprentices in the Bremen region (northern Germany). They also tell about the first reactions of companies, teachers and apprentices and what was expected of the platform. Finally, they tell of the participative development process and how joint workshops provided impulses for the developers. Now they had a chance to see how real apprentices start making use of the platform under construction.

To be continued …

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