<!–:es–>Graham Attwell: Cooperación europea con TICs, Web y e-learning (parte 1)<!–:–><!–:en–>Graham Attwell: European cooperation with ICT, Web and (e)learning (part 1)<!–:–><!–:eu–>Graham Attwell: Cooperación europea con TICs, Web y e-learning (parte 1)<!–:–><!–:hu–>Graham Attwell: Európai együttműködés IKT-eszközök, világháló és e-learning segítségével (1. rész)<!–:–><!–:de–>Graham Attwell: Europäische Zusammenarbeit mit ICT, Web und (e)learning (Teil 1)<!–:–>

Graham Attwell (founder of Pontydysgu) discusses the evolution of European projects on ICT, Web and e-learning (with focus on work organisations). In the first video Graham discusses the experiences with earlier European projects on ICT and learning in small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Graham takes a critical look at the general assumptions on the limited use of e-learning by small and medium enterprises. He draws attention to the projects of that time trying to push earlier e-learning designs to companies. In the surveys on uses of ICT in SMEs the projects found completely different patterns of learning via web resources. As an illustrative example Graham tells the story of lighting technicians in rural theatres and their initiatives to develop web-supported communities for sharing knowledge. This example highlights the interest-based learning strategies that were often forgotten when the concept “e-learning” was discussed.

To be continued …

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