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The school centre BLSZSZK has over 100 years of experience in providing vocational education at the secondary level. It has 2,000 students per year in 18 occupational fields. It has been created as a merger of two vocational school centres that located in the region of Hungary that is mainly characterised by metal industries. Therefore education and training in mechanic engineering is one of the focal areas of interest. BLSZSZK is well equipped with laboratories, workshops, computer classes with Internet and with library technology.

The BLSZSZK provides training programme in mechanical engineering electric engineering, automotive engineering and multimedia programming.


Participates in the project as a receiving transfer partner:

WP1: Participates in the shaping of the framework for innovation transfer by providing information on the VET context and on the requirements for successful transfer.

WP2: Participates in the shaping of the pedagogic concept. Develops its own adaptation of project- and practice-based learning within selected subject areas (by taking into account the national curriculum development and customised modules for training in companies). Develops teaching-learning materials and resources.

WP3: Implements the pedagogic concept with the help of the KPE tool in the field of mechanic engineering. Coordinates this work package.

WP4: Participates in the evaluation of the sustainability and transferability of the concept and in the development of criteria for further exploitation of the results.

WP5: Organises dissemination activities at national level and participates in the development of a virtual community for promoting project- and practice-based learning in VET.

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