IEFPS Miguel Altuna

Ibargarai, 1
20570 Bergara (Gipuzkoa)

Tel. 943763840
Fax 943763841



Josune Irazabal:
Garbiñe Intxausti:



IEFPS Miguel Altuna is a Public Higher Vocational created in 1928 and dedicated to specific vocational training in initial vocational education, continuing training and employment training schemes. It has four areas of specialisation (mechanical engineering, electric/electronic engineering, economics and administration and plastic technologies) with more than 800 students at different levels. Educational and training is implemented in close collaboration with ca. 100 companies in the region. The cooperation is organised in different ways: development of joint learning projects, acquisition of projects with external funding, validation of the current programs, training of teachers in innovative technologies, student placements and co-participation in training activities.


WP1: Participate in defining the framework of the transfer, providing the requirements of its educational context.

WP2: Participate in the design of the pedagogical model. Develop adaptation of the methodology and the pedagogic framework for the subjects of Manufacturing and Design Projects mechanical modules Programming and Design Manufacturing (initial education) and modules of training in companies (continuing training). Develop and produce teaching materials and resources needed.

WP3: Implement the pedagogical model and the KPE tool in the subjects of the mechanical engineering program.

WP4: Participates in the evaluation of the sustainability of the transfer and the development of criteria for capitalization and exploitation.

WP5: Develop products and perform outreach activities to disseminate nationally raised and participate in the virtual community for promoting project- and practice-based learning. Coordination of this work package.

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