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Institut Technik & Bildung (ITB) is a Research and Development Institute of the University of Bremen with a special recognition as a centre of expertise for research in vocational education and training (VET). ITB employs ca. 60 researchers, most of which are working on the basis of project funding. ITB runs projects that link the development of VET to sectoral, organisational and regional action contexts. At the European level ITB is coordinating the European VETNET network of the European Educational Research Association (EERA).

ITB hosts Ba/Ma- and PhD programmes in vocational teacher education (VET) that focus on vocational teaching at VET schools and management of training in industry. In this context ITB works in close cooperation with vocational schools and local enterprises (e.g. to develop the Praktikum arrangements).

ITB has created close cooperation with partners in China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Oman to support the development of VET and vocational teacher education


WP1: Participates in the shaping of the framework of innovation transfer on the basis of the results of the Euronet-PBL project.

WP2: Lead partner for this WP. Responsible for the development of the common pedagogic concept (based on the experience of the Euronet-PBL project). Analyses the usability of the KPE-environment in different educational contexts and co-operates in the development of customised applications and in shaping pedagogic resource materials and didactic tools (in the light of the Euronet-PBL project).

WP3: Promotes pilot testing and implementation of the common pedagogic concept and the KPE environment in selected vocational education and training (VET) contexts with a local vocational school.

WP4: Participates in the evaluation of the sustainability and transferabilty of the models and in the capitalisation and exploitation of the results.

WP5: Develops dissemination materials, organises national dissemination activities and contributes to the virtual community to promote problem- and project-based learning in VET.

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