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Hannu Markkanen:



Metropolia provides training in the following domains: technology, health care and social services, business and culture. Currently Metropolia has ca. 16.000 students and ca.1.200 staff members (of which 700 teaching staff).

One of the focal areas of activities for Metropolia is the development of learning technologies. The Learning Technologies Group, located in the School of Information and Communication Technology, specialises in web and mobile technology, rich applications, collaborative tools, web services and web technologies in the field of semantics.

Participates in the project as an expert partner for developing the KPE tool (Knowledge Practices Environment), originally developed by the KP-Lab project:

WP1: Coordinates the preparation of the framework for innovation transfer.

WP2: Participates in the shaping of the pedagogic model and in the adaptation of KPE for sustainable utilisation. Develops users’ manuals.

WP3: Provides technical support for pilot implementations and for the training of multipliers at the participating vocational schools.

WP4: Participates in the evaluation of the sustainability of the transfer and the development of criteria for capitalisation and exploitation.

WP5: Organises dissemination activities at national level and participates in the development of a virtual community for promoting project- and practice-based learning in VET.

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