Transfer Framework

WP1: Transfer Framework: Analysis of the transferable products and tools and of the educational contexts where they will be applied and their requirements.

  • Dates:10/2010 →01/2011
  • Leader: Metropolia
  • Objectives:
    • Analyse together transferability and portability of the products and results of Euronet-PBL, KP-Lab and other similar resources accessible for the partners.
    • Identify and agree on the mode and preconditions under which the transfer occurs. Share in the partnership knowledge and experience concerning the application of participative learning as well as project-and practice-based learning concepts or other related innovations.
    • Identify the educational contexts in which the transfer occurs and the specific needs or other requirements which must be met with the pedagogic model (and the products developed by the project) in the pilot implementation in vocational schools (witzh focus on mechanical engineering).



    R1:COMPARISON OF EDUCATIONAL CONTEXTS Comparative analysis of educational contexts in Mechanical VETs in Spain, Hungary and Germany and the specic requirements for the implementation of PjBL / PBL and collaborative learning technologies.

    EN Comparative Analysis of the educational contexts

    R2: CONCLUSIONS OF TRANSFERABILITY Conclusions transferability and transfer framework agreement. It will roughly outline how the planned transfer will be carried out and the basic criteria to be adopted by the partners.

    EN Trasnfer background report

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