Pedagogical Model

WP2: De­nition of the pedagogical model describing how Project and Practice BasedLearning methodologies and KPE will be applied in the Vocational Training of Mechanical Manufacturing. Development of needs analysis tools, required adjustments to the KPE software, and the elaboration of the manual.

  • Dates:02/2011 → 09/2011
  • Leader: ITB
  • Objectives:
    • Define the pedagogical model and PBL- PjBl in VET Schools of Mechanics.
    • Adapt software KPE collaborative work online for use as a collaborative learning platform that can support the implementation of the pedagogical model.
    • Develop educational materials and resources to enable implementation of the model pedagógigo PJBl / PBL.

Develop procedures for assessing skill acquisition.


R 3: TOOLBOX PjBL / PBL Toolbox for Mechanical VET: teaching materials and resources, evaluation procedures and user’s guide that will be used to implement the designed educational model

ES Caja de Herramientas
EU Herraminta Kaxa
EN Toolkit
HU Toolkit
DE Toolki


R 4: SOFTWARE KPE Adapted KPE: collaborative and online project management software, based on KPE, applied to collaborative learning in Mechanical VETs

EN R4_1_FinalStudent_Handbook
EN R4_2_FinalTeacher_Handbook



R 5: PEDAGOGICAL GUIDE Pedagogical Guide to apply PjBL / PBL and collaborative learning technologies in Mechanical VETs

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EN R5_Pedagogical Model

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