Experimental implementation and validation

WP3: Experimental Implementation of the P&PBL model supported by KPE. Carrying out 3 pilot projects to test the applicability of both the technology and the developed pedagogical models.

  • Dates: 10/2011 →06/2012
  • Leader: BLSZSZK
  • Objective:
    • Check the suitability of the pedagogical model developed and produced training products and ensure their relevance to the needs of training in transferable skills.
    • Test the applicability of teaching methodologies PjBL / PJL into existing Vocational Education Mechanical Branch.
    • Preparing the future exploitation process, incorporating an experimental educational model to regular training activities of the centers and the use of the products of the project.
    • Involve target audiences – students and staff of FP-in validation of project results.

R 6: IMPLEMENTATION EXPERIENCES Joint Report of Implementation Experiences and Pedagogical Model Validation

EN R6 Eval Common Report

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